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Finding the right Baby, toddler and kids shoes

Download our handy foot measurer here:

Just print, and get your little Bugalug to stand on the fun feet. Get them to stand if possible! (Feet spread up to 1cm with weight on them). Measure both feet as one can be bigger than the other. 
Take your child's biggest foot measurement.

Measuring is still easy if you don't have a printer

Place your child’s foot on a piece of paper making sure their foot is flat and the toes are uncurled. Make a mark directly behind their heel and a mark in front of the big toe. Use a measuring tape and measure the distance between the two marks. Make sure you measure both feet as it is quite normal to have one foot bigger than the other.   

Baby and toddler feet grow really fast, so we recommend measuring your toddler's feet every 6-8 weeks until they're about 3 years old, and then measuring at least every 3 months after that. This will help ensure you have the right fitting baby shoes, toddler shoes or kids shoes.

Now that you have the right foot measurement

Add the 'wiggle room', which will vary depending on the age, stage and size of the feet. We recommend 0.5cm if they're still in baby shoes or toddler shoes (usually feet up to 14cm or so), and once they're  in 'little kids shoes' with feet of over 14.5cm they can cope with a full 1cm of room to grow. Add that to the largest foot measurement, and that's the Bugalugz size you should be buying!* 

(If it's not an exact match, round to the nearest fit - for example a 13.2cm toddler shoe would be rounded up to 13.4cm toddler shoe).

Some extra guidance on sizing

Boots and sneakers:
So for example, 12.7cm + 0.5cm = 13.2cm (round up to 13.4cm);
or for bigger kids 15cm + 1cm = 16cm

*Please note with sandals, although you need .5cm wiggle room don't add much more.  For example my daughters feet are 15.5cm long and she is wearing a 16.6cm sneaker but is in a 15.8/16cm sandal.  Sandals have limited support so if they are more than .5cm bigger they are often too big for them to cope with.  Boots and sneakers enclose the entire foot offering more support.

Shoe/Foot Width

We use the following guideline's when talking about foot/shoe width, we recommend that shoes fit snuggly around the ankle but that the sides of their feet do not need to be touching the sides of their shoes, this allows their feet to spread and grip naturally.

Slim feet: 4cm wide
Normal feet: 5cm wide
Wide feet: 6cm+ wide
As kids grow add 1 cm, so Little Kids with Slim feet would be 5cm wide etc
*All Bugalugz shoes are sized by inner length. This is not the length of your child's foot, it's the length of the shoe, which is why we ask you to add 'wiggle room' of at least 0.5cm to your child's foot measurement.

For a comprehensive guide to finding the right baby shoes, toddler shoes or kids shoes follow this link to our article on fitting first shoes, this is a great resource on what to look for in a shoe whether you buy from Bugalugz or somewhere else.

Finding the right baby, toddler or kids shoes

And don't forget we are always happy to answer questions not matter how simple or complicated. Just contact us through our contact page.

Send an email to Steph at Bugalugz

Here are size guides provided by Little Blue Lamb and Freycoo.  We still recommend measuring feet before ordering.

Freycoo size chart