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Buying baby shoes and toddler shoes online should be easy. It should DEFINITELY be easier than taking a wiggly, protesting, possibly screaming child to a shoe shop!!

Don't inflict shoe shopping on your child, or yourself!! Buy online!

Can I return my shoes?
You can return a product to us for ANY* reason - even if you just change your mind - for a refund or exchange (your choice), no questions asked. This means you can try them on your child (inside, please!) and see what you think, with no risk.  

All returns must be received in original unworn condition, with all packaging intact, within 7 days of you having received it. The product must be sent back to us at your cost, and the purchase price will be refunded in full (excluding delivery charges). Please note if you choose to send your package standard (untracked) post, we are unable to take responsibility if returned items do not reach us. 

With multiple purchases, the delivery charge will be based on the FINAL order value - for example, if you order $100 worth of shoes but then return $75 of them, you will be refunded that amount LESS the delivery fee.

To arrange a return or exchange, please get in touch using the Contact Us page or reply to one of our emails. (*Please note we are unable to offer exchanges or refunds on sale/clearance items)

How do I exchange my shoes?
In you decide to exchange a size or style, you'll get your exchange fastest if you simply place a second order. Return your first order and once we receive it, we'll refund to your credit card or bank account. Quick and easy!!

To arrange a return or exchange, please get in touch using the Contact Us page or reply to one of our emails. (*Please note we are unable to offer exchanges or refunds on sale/clearance items)

How do you deliver my shoes?

Delivery cost is $6 anywhere in New Zealand (Monday to Friday), and is by courier (tracked, but not signature required unless requested). We offer free shipping with orders over $75 (Monday to Friday only). Orders are shipped daily Monday to Friday, usually in the afternoon.

There is an option for Saturday Delivery, this costs an additional $4 ideally you need to get confirmation from me that this is possible.  For rural deliveries this can be applied if ordered from Wednesday afternoon until midday Thursday, for main centres this can be applied if ordered from Thursday afternoon until midday Friday.

We will confirm your order has been despatched. Once that's done, the courier will have it with you in a day or two. We use Courier Post who aim for next-day delivery with the majority of deliveries. 

Why no pretty packaging?
This is for two reasons, the first reason is financial.  The more packaging, boxes etc I use the higher the cost of the shoes, the packaging costs money but also the courier goes up the bigger the package.  The other reason is a personal one - I am over too much packaging, I like to recycle, I like the thought of not adding more rubbish to the tip, for this reason your shoes will come in an organza bag and nothing else, unless you request it or I have packaging available.  I would like to contribute to our Clean Green country even if only in this small way.

Don't worry though, our shoes are leather - that equates to tough and more than capable of making it to you without being damaged in an everyday courier bag.  I will use courier bags with bubble protection for sandals or anything I am concerned could be damaged.

Getting the right size, first time?
Please note that it's really important that there is room between your child's toes and the end of the shoe - a well-fitting shoe for a little person gives their toes at least 5mm "wiggle-room" so they can grow properly. Baby and toddler toes should never be touching the end of a shoe - if they're touching, the shoe is too small. 

It is also really important to take measurements when your child is standing with full weight on their feet (or with decent pressure applied for non-walkers) as this can make up to 1cm difference to length measurements!

The 5 B's to ensure the right shoes

How much extra room can I add to my shoes, their feet just grow so fast?
For children with feet under 14.5cm only add .5cm more than their foot length as any more can become a trip hazard.  Once their feet are over 14.5cm long they can usually cope with 1cm of extra length.  Don't be tempted to add more, you will end up putting the shoes away until they fit as they will trip themselves up if there is to much wiggle room.

Also keep in mind, slightly bigger sneakers and boots are okay as they have lots of extra support around the foot and ankle, sandals however need to be the right size (not to big) as there is limited support especially with an open toe, so keep extra length to a minimum for sandals.

AHHHHH our shoes squeak!
Don't worry this is easy to fix, inside the packaging of your new shoes is a second set of valves that do not squeak. I find a fork the easiest way to remove the valves from your shoes, then just pop in the new non squeaky valves and no more squeaking.  Mind you the squeaky valves make for a great game of chase on a day you need something to cheer up your little ones.. I hope that helps.

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What is the difference between Leather and PU Leather (Bi-cast leather)
Leather is exactly that, also called genuine leather, genuinely robust and a great option for kids who are hard on their shoes, these are the perfect day care shoe, just wash them off and off you go.  
PU Leather is leather that is coated in polyurethane, this is usually to do with colour, bright, funky kids shoes are often PU or Bi-cast leather.  Look for PU leather shoes with a sole that sticks out a bit this will help keep the colour on the shoes for longer. 

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