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Our philosophy
At Bugalugz we believe that babies deserve the best, and mums deserve to pay the best price. 
As  a parent, I have found that too many specialty or hard-to-find baby products are seriously overpriced, making them inaccessible for standard families. This can force families to compromise on quality, buy second-hand or simply go without.

My philosophy is to provide good-quality products at the lowest prices we can. 

Where Bugalugz began
Where all good things should begin - over coffee!!  A good friend of mine started Bugalugz and when her family was about to expand for the third time she decided Bugalugz needed a new mum.  Having been an avid fan I took over the reins, and the rest is history.

With a desire to put your children in good-quality shoes so as not to impair the growth of their little feet, what started as just a 'thing' for shoes has now developed into a passion for good-quality footwear, and healthy feet.  If you see some strange lady checking out your childrens feet at the Zoo, Kelly Tarltons or another child friendly venue that could be me, I just can't help looking at all those shoes :-)

Being a mum on a limited income I am always trying to find good quality, leather shoes at affordable prices.  But I also love colour and bold designs so watch out New Zealand, funky shoes are coming for your Bugalugz.....

Enjoy your shoes,